leg stiffness, CNS stimulation and Piper rhythm

by admin on September 18, 2010

Bruce William just posted an update from i-FAB on the i-FAB update thread Quote: Originally Posted by Bruce Williams (Post 170177) Update for Saturday at I-FAB: Benno Nigg keynote highlights: Muscle tuning Piper rhythms Cushioning not helpful Motion control small benefits Trampoline shoes a future thing Barefoot shoes a contradiction in terms Barefoot running big every 25 years Finally the first truly funny video/slide of the conference And his book on sports shoes comes out in November! Cheers! Bruce I had never heard of a piper Rhythm so went and did some reading. I though maybe those at i-FAB could expand alittle on the subject if they have time

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leg stiffness, CNS stimulation and Piper rhythm

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