Weil Osteotomy

by admin on December 1, 2010

Often the Weil Osteotomy is really a procedure which may be utilized in foot surgical procedure to relieve difficulties from the ball of the foot as well as smaller ft. It was first explained by Dr LS Weil. An osteotomy is most likely the slicing of the met head, and so the Weil osteotomy can be a slice with the metatarsal bone tissue so that you can cut short it. Many experts have shown to be helpful for hammering with the digits as well as forefoot pain. The particular operation will be performed via an cut in the dorsum of the forefoot. Healing can be tough due to this since the forefoot bone is usually a weight helping bone tissue , non-weight helping is required for as much as 10 days after the operation. The operation is really debatable and there could be a higher issue rate. A number of authorities think the particular weil osteotomy is actually superb while others are not able to appreciate the actual motive for it’s use. There is the thoughts and opinions poll on Podiatry Arena regarding the Weil Osteotomy.

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