Foot Posture Index

Most measurements that were traditionally done for a biomechanical assessment have been shown to be very unreliable and unrepeatable and, more often than not, are not predictable of dynamic function. The other problem is that which measurements are important? Is it the Calcaneal angle?, the arch height? Or the bulging medially in the midfoot.

For all these reasons the Foot Posture Index was developed. The Foot Posture Index used repeatable observations rather than unreliable measurements. The Foot Posture Index is a composite score of the number of observations overcoming the importance of one over the other. The Foot posture Index has also been shown to be somewhat predictable of dynamic function.

The Foot Posture Index is showing increasing usefulness as a teaching tool, a research tool and a communication tool. More projects are being published that use the Foot Posture Index.

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