Severs Disease

Soreness in the rearfoot of children is not common, however when it can occur, it can be more often than not a condition generally known as Severs Disease. This is looked at as being a strain with the cartilage material development plate at the back of the actual calcaneus. Some have even recommended that it’s a march crack of this development plate. The most frequent reason for severs disease will be a combination of aspects such as activity degree, hard sports grounds and restricted achilles tendon. Many think about unusual foot bio-mechanics furthermore takes on a role. The common signs of severs disease will be soreness upon activity and pain at the rear of the actual heel on side to side squeezing. There aren’t any standard results of severs disease seen on radiographs. The most common treatment of severs disease is the use of activity redcutions, padding heel raises and the usage of several physical therapy modalities. There are no lasting consequences to severs disease as the growth area combines with the encircling bone in the teenage years.

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