Laser nail treatment cost

There are many treatments being advocated for the common condition of onychomyocsis. This is an infection of the toenail by a fungus. The fungus likes the dark moist environment of the shoe, so it is common. Most treatments are with the use of topical or oral drugs. Recently there has been approval given by the FDA to the user of lasers for fungal nail infections. The laser is supposed to kill the fungus and them you wait for the nail to grow out. Very little research has been done on this and what has been done are some small uncontrolled studies by the companies that make the laser for fungal toenails. The laser nail treatment cost is high as the machine is expensive and is not covered by almost all insurance companies as it is considered experimental. Prices in excess of $1000 a treatment as the laser nail treatment cost have been mentioned for this, but the treatment is a ‘one-off’ and generally does not need to be continued for a lengthy period like the oral and topical medications.

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